Davinci Resolve change Timeline framerate

It’s impossible to change framerate for created timeline in Davinci Resolve. But I have one solution: you can find still frames by size (the 24th and 25th will be the same; and their sizes are same too).

  1. Render video as tiff sequence (or exr, no matter) and save it into ‘root/tmp/<image_sequence>.tiff’
  2. Redner audio as wav and save it to ‘root/out.wav’
  3. Download and put  this script to ‘root/remover.py’
  4. Run script
    1. if you have whole black frames find its size in bytes and replace BLACK_FRAME_SIZE = 5124 to your size in script
    2. it will find consistent dublicates of frames and move it to ‘root/tmp/mv’
    3. It will rename all files after dublicate to fix hole in sequence names
  5. Make new project and insert your tiff sequence and audio into the timeline

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