Since early childhood cinema has been an inspiration for me because I always knew: miracles do not exist here in the real world, but in a movie any of your dreams come true. The Terminator, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and many other masterpieces has made my live much brighter till now. I tried to make funny videos at child time, recorded it on amateur handy cam and main actors were my toys. Unfortunately, these works were lost.


I got musician education when I was young and it is one of the important factors that formed my world perception too. I play bass guitar and keys now and we give little concerts with my friends sometimes. Audio mixing is one part of music and it became my first serious experience in media. I started to record music in 2001, have read a lot of sound engineering books, and made a lot of tracks.

3programming and maths

After I finished university in 2010 I decided to find a job connected with my master graduate work. As you can guess it was about sound: “Adaptive noise reduction system based on multi-resolution FFT”. Today my job is R&D in speech recognition. I investigate neural networks, Gaussian models and other statistical methods. Having good programming skills, I build some environment tools to perform our scientific experiments as well.


I never forget cinema. Why don’t I work in this field? I suppose it is profitable to earn as programmer in Russia and have free time and a little money for my own creative ideas. We have no good cinema school in our country (I mean VFX, grading and other technics; imho), have no budgets, have no studios like MPC or ILM. It seems to me that being an independent filmmaker is better in my situation; but not so productive, I know. Time to time I take a camera in my hands and realize creative concepts, do commercial clips, try to shot short films – can't keep still. I hope to grow up and become a director : )


Another one of my hobbies is photography. I like to take nice shots in travels and grade them after: it’s some kind of magic. One of these you can see at the background.


While at school, I developed tool for plasma modeling and visualization. My scientific advisor Anatoly Umnov is an excellent physicist and teacher. Due to him I got a great experience in world structure understanding. We wrote lyceum graduated works and my tool was so good, that it provided me the third award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).

7nature, sport and spirit

A few words about nature, sport and spirit in the end. Don’t like any cities, I think they are very noisy, dirty and cause headaches. Thoughts of other people nearby interrupt you and prevent to move in the right direction. So, I prefer to spend more time in the village: clean air, silence, a lot of trees. What else do you need to maximize your performance?

8Sport is a significant part of my life, it’s a kind of drugs, yes : ). I have swum for more than five years, love jogging, endeavour to visit gym two times per week at least. If sport is for your body and muscles then yoga and spirit practices are for your mental and mind improvements. I practise Xing Shen Zhuan, a sort of Chinese medical qigong and several techniques of dream yoga.