My musical and sound mixing works are here. I started to record music in early 2003 and have loved this craft till now :) Now I'm having a pause in music but I'm plannig to play soon again.

Night Air: Alternative funk rap


Vocal: Uriy Petrov, Svetlana Savelieva
Guitar: Pavel Kantyshev
Bass: Max Tkachenko
Drums: Vadim Lubnin
Mixing by Max Tkachenko
We had more tracks but no others were recorded.

  1. The Meeting
  2. If shoemaker is without shoes...
  3. Disco
  4. September

Electric Joy: Instrumental Rock


Guitar: Roman Kurbatov
Bass: Max Tkachenko
Keyboards: Max Tkachenko
Drums: Alexander Kirillov
Mixing by Max Tkachenko

  1. In time
  2. Moscow rain
  3. Trance me
  4. Walking (concert)

My tracks


My old and favorite tracks from school times till 2008 :)
Mixing, bass, keys, drums programming and everything by Max Tkachenko

  1. Masug song
      [2008] Childhood album
  2. Child dream
      [2008] Childhood album,
      drums by Alexander [Kirillov] Nujda, keyboard by Arif Orudjev
  3. Road theme
      [2008] Childhood album
  4. Rain game
      [2008] Childhood album
  5. Smile, the
      [2008] Childhood album
  6. Chillout
      [2008] Childhood album
  7. Twinsen remix
      [2007] Remixed music from my favorite game: Little Big Adventure
  8. Road One
  9. Noname Spain
  10. Spring
  11. _nix
  12. Fallowdeer
      [2005] Some electronic experiments
      keyboards by Arif Orudjev
  13. The end
      [2005] True gothic music :)
  14. Aut Solar
  15. Women are not humans :)
      [2004] My first track in studio
      guitars, keys, back vocals by Grigory Grigoriev [aka GrGr],
      drums by Alexander [Kirillov] Nujda