Max Tkachenko | makseq


Full Name: Tkachenko Maxim Sergeevich
Birth: 1988
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interested in

Research & Development: machine learning, neural networks, speech recognition
Video Production: cameraman, editing, compositing, vfx, 3d
Sound Engineering: recording, mixing


1 Musical School [1995-2002, secondary education]
  Honors degree

2 Lyceum of Information Technologies #1533 [2002-2005, secondary education]
  Programmer degree, Intel ISEF Third Award Winner

3 Lomonosov Moscow State University [2005-2010, higher education]
  Master's degree, one of the best master graduate works

work experience

1 Heartex, Inc
  [2019-today] Founder, AI Platform

2 R&D: ASM Solutions
  [2017-today] Speech recognition, neural networks, high performance computing

3 R&D: Testarium (open source)
  [2014-today] Research tool to perform experiments and repository

4 R&D: STEL Computer Systems
  [2011-2015] Speech recognition, neural networks, high performance computing

5 Teacher: Lyceum of Information Technologies #1533
  [2010-2011] Scientific adviser, taught a programming course

6 R&D: Loopseque/MovBeats. Audio/Video sequencers for iOS
  [2010-2012] C-Obj & C programming, sound engineering, concept generating

7 R&D: Adaptive noise reduction system based on multi-resolution FFT
  [2007-2009] Online denoising service, programming

8 Freelancing
  [2006-today] Sound engineer: Audio recording in studio, mixing, mastering
  [2007-today] Web development: Sites for small companies, programming, design
  [2008-today] Video production: Cameraman, editing, compositing, vfx

9 NVF TIMIS, llc.
  [2004-today] Programmer, designer

10 R&D: Tool for plasma modeling and visualizing
  [2003-2006] Particles configuration control in magnetic and electric fields

hobbies and interests

Bass-guitar, piano, music, sound
Cinema, arthouse, vfx
Swimming, sport, yoga

languages and os

English, Russian
Linux (Ubuntu), Windows, MacOSX

skills / advanced level

Python, Flask, MongoDB, Django, PyCharm
Javascript, Vue, HTML, CSS
C++, OpenGL, OpenMP, Intel Compilers & MKL, Delphi, Fortran
Machine learning, Neural networks, Speech recognition, TensorFlow, PyTorch, DSP
MetaQuotes MQL 4, strategies and automatic trade systems development

Photoshop, Illustrator
Premiere, After Effects, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve
Photography, Lightroom, RPP, Brushless Gimbals, SimpleBGC tuning (AlexMos)
Adobe Audition, Ableton, Nuendo, iZotope
Mixing and mastering theory, psychoacoustics

skills / basic level / tools

3D Max, VRay, Houdini, PFMatch, Mocha
C#, C-Obj, iPhone/iPad SDK, AudioUnit, CUDA, OpenCV
PHP, SQL, MATLAB, ASM, ZeroMQ, Qt, D3, React
Unix servers configuring (Ubuntu, Apache, mysql, dockers)
Setup and support for Drupal, Wordpress, Wiki
Financial markets, accounting, registration of contracts


I use RescueTime in my work and due to this I have an opportunity to track all time of my work. Based on it I made my skills distibution over spent time. Consequently you may have a better view of my professional experience. Note: it's a pure working time when I click on the mouse, type, do some actions.

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Productivity pulse is 71% in 2015